The most effective way to clean carpet is by having a good vacuuming routine. Studies have shown that vacuuming alone can remove up to 90% of the total dry soil load in carpet. Every time Flexgreen Technicians service your building this is our first step of service.


Commonly referred to as steam cleaning, hot water extraction is a powerful tool. When used appropriately and skillfully, hot water extraction can restore carpets that have been neglected with a high soil load. Flexgreen carefully researches and trains its Technicians on how to use chemicals that are both effective and leave the carpets soil resistant.


Carpets look dull and sad over the years by an accumulation of sticky soils and the matting of the individual fibers collectively known as carpet pile. Encapsulation is uniquely qualified when applied with agitation to scrub these sticky soils off the fibers, to lift the carpet pile, and leave the floors soil resistant. An added benefit of encapsulation as a VLM (Very Low Moisture) method, Flexgreen is able to successfully minimize and prevent reocurring stains by preventing the process known as Wicking.