Health Care / Senior Living

Owners of these facilities are well acquainted with the special challenges of keeping these buildings clean.

We understand that there is no downtime for these buildings.

A healthy environment is a must for residents.

Our service helps attract new residents whose families demand a clean facility.

We employ safety conscious technicians that are trained to work around individuals with poor mobility and cognitive decline.

Office Space

We are able to provide clean buildings creating a good first impression to visitors.

Create a healthier work environment due to cleaner flooring.

Anti-soiling agents help cleaning longevity.

We are able to cater to office schedules and create a plan that works best.


Flexgreen has the capacity and infrastructure to care for large buildings in a short period of time to minimize downtime for busy Hotels.

We have specialized treatment options for high-traffic areas to prevent these area from becoming eyesores in the building.

Flexible proposal options give discounts for high-count room cleanings and multiple buildings in a region.


We use specialized solutions for high-traffic areas where customers and wait staff frequent.

Flexgreen improves carpeted areas connected to kitchens by targeting grease.

We can remove tough stains from dropped food and drinks and they don’t return.

Provide a clean place for your guests.


Showcase your products where customers can browse in a clean presentable environment.

Technicians provide careful service around display cases and layouts.

We possess the ability to clean multiple floor types.


Utilize our ability to care for buildings with massive footprints.

Treat reoccurring stains from dropped food and drink.

Our staff follows all rules and regulations in sensitive locations.

Put most serviced areas back into use quickly.


Flexgreen employs techniques that can remove oily substances such as popcorn.

We specifically treat reoccurring stains to prevent their return.

Cost-effective service that delivers value for a large multiplex.

Event Center

Flexgreen can deliver an incredible value for large commercial carpet footprints.

Extend the longevity of your carpet to deliver a better return on investment.

Maintain your reputation as a premium place for special events.

Mixed Commercial and Residential

These spaces are becoming more common as the public demand for comfortable living grows.

In a competitive market, keep your floors pristine to continue to attract new renters and visitors.

Flexgreen provides the flexibility to properly care for multiple types of rooms, floors, hallways, and common spaces.